Social distancing etiquette

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Social distancing etiquette

We’re people people and during these uncertain times we’re finding new ways to say hi.

Like you, we live in strata too, so adjusting to the new norm right now is new for all of us.

Forgive us, but we’ll take whatever measures are necessary to do our bit in preventing the spread of disease.

Having said that, please don’t be offended when I:

  • stand at a distance when communicating
  • wave to greet you instead of a handshake
  • talk to you over phone or email instead of in person
  • choose to wait for the next lift, instead of sharing
  • respect my personal space when in public

While contractors are in high demand at the moment, and are concerned for their own well-being, we must remain patient and compassionate and know they will help as soon as humanly possible.

In the meantime, continue to look after one another and check in on your neighbours. We’re better and stronger together.


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