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Advertise with us

Connect with over 170,000 strata property owners.

Our vision is to deliver smart solutions to create a better lifestyle for people living and invested in communities. To assist us with our vision Smarter Communities relies on trusted partners to deliver specialist products and services to the thousands of communities across the country in our care. Our sponsorship packages have been designed to offer opportunities for key partners to raise their profiles with our internal teams who make recommendations and appoint providers on behalf of strata committees daily. It is also an opportunity for sponsors to increase awareness of their product or service offering to property owners through Smarter Communities’ owned touch points.

Key Statistics

  • 170,000 strata home owner customers
  • Median age of people living in an apartment is 33 years old
  • 51% females vs 49% males living in high density apartments
  • 44% of families living in apartments have children
  • 59% of apartments in Australia are rented


Source: 2016 Census

The communities we manage are located nationally but predominately in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, ranging from small duplex and townhouse communities to large high-rise apartments and mixed-used developments.

Our owners are diverse; they are young professionals, singles and couples, families, DINKS, retirees, and migrants from all over the globe.

Together, they have one thing in common… they are strata property owners who are either owner-occupiers or owner-investors.

Join us to create a better lifestyle for strata property owners by providing greater access to quality information and empowering them to make smarter decisions about their home and community.
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