Striking the ideal life balance


Striking the ideal life balance

The routines of countless Australians was thrown into chaos when the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Working from home and remote learning challenged most of us living in strata as we were forced to negotiate new daily arrangements together in our homes.

Fast forward eight months and the concept of working from home is now part of the new normal.

Ideally working from home means having the freedom to work flexibly from a home office. For some strata residents surplus space is at a premium, meaning a spacious dedicated office is far from their reality.

But there are a few clever strategies you can implement to help make your home office space or study area work a little smarter for you.

Pick a dedicated work space

Finding spare space for anything in a strata residence can at times feel like you’re several weeks into a complicated game of Tetris! But forward-thinking residents know there is an abundance of adjustable furniture pieces on the market designed for just such occasions.

When searching for a suitable work space furniture for your apartment, townhouse or villa try looking at fold-up desks and wall shelving as an innovative response to a lack of dedicated office space. Remember to find a spot with plenty of natural light and away from televisions, fridges and book shelves – all of which can serve as a distraction 🙂

Routine is key

When you’re stuck in a traditional office space, it’s easy to imagine a mid-morning run on the beach, a café lunch or an early knock off as being just some of the perks of working from home. And they are. But what they don’t tell you about regularly working from home is how easy it is for your work and home life to blur into one.

The best way to get around working ridiculous hours is to establish a routine as early into the process as possible. Getting up around the same time, getting dressed to face the business day ahead will work wonders when it comes to offering structure to your day and creating a way to define the difference between work and home life.

Set clear boundaries

As anyone with youngsters knows, children have no respect for closed doors, toilet breaks or privacy. The chances of you enjoying an interruption-free meeting are fairly slim. So for this reason consider incorporating some visual cues that will inform the other household members when you’re “in” work mode and when you’re “out” of the office and not working.

It could be as simple as deploying a Do Not Disturb sign or having the door closed during busier times.

Make time for a breather

When you don’t have a colleague sitting next to you to provide a regular distraction it is easy to get so absorbed in your given tasks that you forget to take a break from your screen.

Consider setting an alarm to remind you to step onto the balcony to get some fresh air, grab a glass of water or even just stretch your legs. For optimal health, you should be stepping away from your desk or work space at least once an hour – even if it’s only for a toilet break – to help get your blood circulating.

Just as you would when you’re in the office, remaining disciplined plays a major role in working remotely. And trust. You know you have a job to do, it’s up to all of us to adjust to the new norm and continue to perform to the best of our abilities.

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