Shaking the quarantine blues… and kilos


Shaking the quarantine blues… and kilos

The hardest thing about getting started is actually starting. Whatever your goal may be. It’s no secret that the secret to getting started is finding the motivation and determination to just do it.

That’s exactly what our Marketing/Innovations Coordinator Steve did in July. He set himself a weight loss goal, was in the right mindset to start training, and five months later he is well and truly on track to reaching his set goal in time for Christmas.

“There comes a time when you just know you’re ready. I knew what I wanted to achieve, I’d spoken about it, it was time to stop talking and start doing.

According to Steve, the most important thing you need to find your “why”. Why do you want to improve, or lose weight or learn a new skill?

“For me, I started training Thai kickboxing to learn a new martial art and see how far I can push myself. Getting fit, losing weight and improving my mental health are all added benefits.

“After the initial awkward period of walking through the door and not knowing anyone, or not having a clue what to do, I’ve really found something I enjoy doing. You need to enjoy what you do otherwise chances are you won’t stick to it. That is the key!”

Some days or weeks are harder than others, for sure. It’s too hot, it’s too wet, I’m too tired… these are all just excuses. Never underestimate the power of your mindset and the importance of setting achievable goals.

“When you experience days like that, remember the reason why you started, I find that helps me to stay focussed and on track,” Steve said.

That was five months ago and Steve hasn’t looked back. Not only has he lost weight and toned up, but he’s a stronger, healthier version of himself and truly an inspiration.

He may not know it, but his motivation and determination to succeed has not gone unnoticed here at Smarter Communities.

Sometimes when you’re looking for inspiration, you don’t need to look far. Inspiration is all around us all the time. You just need to change your mindset to see it.

Every day is a new opportunity to change your life, and now is always a great time to start.

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