Above and beyond the client relationship

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Above and beyond the client relationship

You know you’re doing something right when clients check on their Community Manager as they would their own family or friends when they’re unwell.

It started with an email. When the secretary of a small scheme in Mosman, a retired professional, emailed STM’s Senior Community Manager, Sandra Ciccia, and didn’t receive his usual instant reply from Sandra, his first reaction was not one of frustration… it was of concern for her wellbeing.

Peter is Sandra’s principal point of contact. Over the years they have built a truly enviable relationship and have a mutual understanding that when Sandra receives a request or query, she will always respond promptly.

On this occasion Peter had sent an email to Sandra that did not require action, rather it was merely updating her on the status of affairs at the complex. Having reviewed the email, noting no action was required, Sandra attended her scheduled back-to-back meetings for almost two days, leaving her Assistant to respond to matters in her absence.

When Peter did not receive an immediate response from Sandra, he considered it odd yet knew he was still well within contractual response periods, so he waited. When he could not reach Sandra by phone, he grew quite concerned.

So deep is the trust, and so well demonstrated is the fiduciary duty and duty of care, that Peter not once voiced any dissatisfaction. Not at all. In fact, he emailed Sandra once again, with no reference to the unanswered email, just to check that she was ok.

When contact was made Peter did not wish to hear any rational for the slight delay in response. Instead Peter voiced his concern that he thought something serious had happened to Sandra and was extremely relieved and pleased to learn that this was not the case.

The issue at hand very much played second fiddle to the concern, respect and welfare of his Community Manager who, he appreciates, has multiple clients. Sandra treats each and every one of her clients with the same mutual respect, care and high-quality service as Peter receives.

If you’re looking for strata community management your complex like Peter enjoys, with relationships built on mutual trust and respect, contact us at Smarter Communities.

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