Celebrating the end of a trying year

Christmas Cheer

Celebrating the end of a trying year

One of the many highlights of the end of a trying year is getting together with friends and family for well deserved celebrations.

But it’s easy for the gloss to wear off when you’re the one charged with organising the event… and it’s in your home!

But we’ve all experienced enough lockdowns and restrictions throughout the year to let that get in the way of holiday season celebrations.

The following tips may help minimise any stress leading up to your event.

To give or not to give

Now that is the question. Hosting a secret Santa-type affair where each guest buys a gift to a certain value, or for a specific person, is a great way to add fun and excitement to your gathering.

Some guests even swap gifts! I know, I was initially shocked too but it was all in good fun.

Consider food options

When hosting your party, decide whether you want to do the cooking, organise a caterer or pre-purchase food and have it delivered.

We find our friends like to give so we all bring a plate to each other’s gatherings. Just be sure to offer suggestions as to what to bring so you don’t end up with ten different salads but no protein to go with it.

And remember to check for any dietary restrictions and ensure these will be catered for.

Water, wine and everything in between

As it’s traditionally a time of celebration, chances are there will be some guests who hope to have a drink or two at your event.

If you decide against asking people to bring their own beverages, as a good host it is your responsibility to provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for your guests.

cleanliness is important

The day before the party, or the morning of, do a quick clean to ensure everything is neat and tidy and there is enough space available to comfortably entertain your guests.

If the room feels too cluttered or crowded, particularly in wake of any COVID-19 restrictions, start to move furniture into other rooms, making sure you have enough seating options and space for guests to mingle.

Lastly, enjoy!

Now that everything is ready, all that’s left is to prepare for your party and welcome your guests into your home.

Take the time to enjoy hosting your party without sweating the small stuff that others probably won’t even notice.

Remember, every guest who accepted your invitation will appreciate the effort you went through to put on this party and wants to enjoy your company.

So sit back, relax and enjoy precious time with friends and family.

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