More of Australia goes into lockdown


More of Australia goes into lockdown

As many regions of Australia go into lockdown or experience increased public health restrictions placed upon them, the urgency to remain vigilant and adhere to these restrictions is vital to protect communities.

Smarter Communities Executive General Manager, Richard Eastwood, said whilst these stay-at-home orders may affect many businesses, all Smarter Communities management companies are operating to the new norm, keeping staff safe by working remotely where required.

“As covid cases around the country change on daily basis, we all have a role to play to keep our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours safe.

“For those living in strata environments, residents need to continue with their sanitising and hygiene rituals. It’s second nature to us all now, and we must follow updated State public health orders. No one can afford to become complacent.”

Rules are updated frequently. Please refer to the official Government websites for the latest information: NSW | QLD | SA | VIC.

“If you require further guidance, please refer to Smarter Communities’ Covid-19 Information for Strata Owners. Helpful posters are available to download. Alternatively, do not even hesitate to contact your Community Manager.

“But most importantly, stay at home if you are unwell. Consider your health and those around you, and stay safe,” said Eastwood.

Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM), Challenge Strata Management, Ernst Body Corporate Management, Strata Title Management (STM) and Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) are all proudly part of the Smarter Communities group.

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