Wardrobe wonder


Wardrobe wonder

Decluttering has been the buzz word of household maintenance for much of the past two years.

Ever since Marie Kondo’s unique housekeeping series debuted on Netflix in 2019, hordes of strata dwelling Australians have taken to finding new and innovative ways to organise their possessions.

Of those who have made the change, many say decluttering not only relieves stress but also provides a sense of control and accomplishment.

But while organising your laundry or restyling your pantry is a relatively straight forward process that only needs to be done infrequently, sorting and organising your wardrobe can prove a rather more difficult job as season changes means it should be done much more often.

Consider these helpful hints to tackle it in a calm and timely manner.

Take everything out

Experts suggest there are several different ways to approach a major wardrobe declutter. While some argue it is better to declutter individually by category to work out how many of each item you have, others suggest it’s best to start by ripping every item out and sorting it into ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘sell’ or ‘turf’ piles.

Remember to keep a minimum value on the items you intend on selling to ensure you have enough incentive to actually go through with it.

Once your clothing, shoes and accessories are purged from your wardrobe, go with your gut instinct as to whether to keep it or move it on. Adopt a minimalist mindset. Try not to get overly sentimental by holding onto items you haven’t worn for several years, or overthinking your decision-making as you may end up keeping items you no longer need.

Hanging clothes

When sorting the clothes you wish to place back on hangers, start by sorting them into clothing types – jackets, skirts, trousers, dresses and shirts. For aesthetic reasons as well as practical purposes, now is also a great time to shade them from light to dark.

Know when to fold ‘em

To ensure you are fully utilising all the shelving space you have freed up by decluttering, try rolling up your remaining t-shirts, shorts, active wear, jeans and jumpers.

Depending on your wardrobe type, these can either be placed back into drawers or stacked on shelves where they can be arranged by colour. It’s unrealistic to believe they will stay this neat for long but it’s important to start as you mean to go on.

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes

Remember the double door wardrobe Mr Big had built for Carrie Bradshaw? There is nothing nicer than a wardrobe space where all your shoes are neatly arranged on display.

If you have shelving, then heel/toe placement is the preferred option as you get to see the entire style of the shoe. If you don’t have shelving, under bed storage is a great solution while, depending on the space available, hanging shoe storage may also be a great alternative.

Use this time to review the state of your shoes. Throw those that are damaged or with worn down heels into a bag and take them for repair.

Displaying your handbags and accessories

While those who crave a taste of luxury often have bespoke walk-in wardrobe space in which to display them, not all of us are so lucky. If you’re short on space, try strategically placing handbags like artwork around your bedroom. Use this as an opportunity to also clear their insides of any items you may have forgotten. Belts can be rolled up and stored neatly in storage boxes in the wardrobe.

Out with the old, hello new

Once you’ve done all that heavy lifting, the only thing left still to do is to go through your ‘new’ wardrobe space and reacquaint yourself with the items you have in there that you may have forgotten you owned. Not only will it afford you a host of new outfit combinations, but it should prevent you from going out to buy something new, undoing all your hard work.

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