Overwhelming sadness as Notre-Dame Cathedral burns

Notre Dame

Overwhelming sadness as Notre-Dame Cathedral burns

It’s incredibly devastating that the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris survived two world wars yet succumbed to fire yesterday.

Constructed in 1163 and completed some 182 years later, Notre Dame was considered amongst the finest examples of French Gothic cathedral architecture.

Known as a worldwide icon, Notre-Dame was architecturally beautiful.

It featured stunning stained-glass windows, spectacular statues and priceless works of art inside.

Not to mention the beloved carved stone gargoyles. Gargoyles are meant to protect any dwelling from evil spirits, to repel negative and evil entities.

Notre-Dame Cathedral was celebrated in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo’s novel featuring the deformed bell-ringer character, Quasimodo. It was later transformed into films including an animated Disney musical.

But like all buildings, Notre-Dame Cathedral needed restoration work.

In preparation of the renovations, many treasures and art had been removed. Last week religious statues were removed by crane and sent for restoration.

Those fortunate to have been in the area at the time could see the 12 apostles and four evangelists at ground level before being loaded onto a truck.

The world now awaits to see what fire fighters could save of the cathedral.

For more than eight centuries, Notre Dame de Paris has been at the heart of the city’s spiritual, intellectual and cultural life.

As for the timing, it’s Holy Week. The fire broke out just six days from Easter Sunday, adding to the misery of the tragedy.

For the superstitious… had the gargoyle statues been removed before the fire broke out? Leaving the structure wide open to evil forces.

This is a reminder that buildings are not immune to fire. Not worldwide icons, factories and certainly not apartments. Click here for tips on what to do in the event of fire.

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