Need a break from the same-same?


Need a break from the same-same?

We all do it, don’t we? We capture precious moments using our phones and end up with a photo library large enough to fill a museum.

And then what? We scroll through them to reminisce, maybe laugh or shed a tear, or share them with friends and family. But then they go back in the library until another day.

But remember that feeling why you took the photo in the first place? It was a significant moment.

Maybe it was of your cat with her face in your cup again. Or your dog snoring on the lounge curled up with his teddy. Your son standing proud next to his new car, or caught home learning wearing his fluffy unicorn slippers.

Whatever the reason, it meant something to you in that moment. So why keep it trapped in your phone?

Each memory has a story. What better way to keep that story alive than to display it where you can experience that feeling each time you see it.

So, while we’re in this lockdown and we’re looking for things to distract us – other than the Tim Tams – scroll through your photos and choose the ones that mean the most to you. Then print and collect them from your nearest photo lab. Safely of course.

It’s the simple things in life that can bring out a smile when you need it the most.

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