Inspiration starts from within


Inspiration starts from within

Goal setting, resilience and motivation. What we can learn from those who have experienced immense determination to reach their goals.

Today the Smarter Communities team were fortunate to hear from Australia’s pre-eminent explorer, keynote speaker, adventure thinker and storyteller, Justin Jones.

With his inspirational presentation, Jonesy spoke to the team about goal setting, resilience and motivation, and shared his extreme experiences to demonstrate the power from within.

Together with his friend, Jonesy and Cas were the first to kayak from Australia to New Zealand unsupported. Years later they trekked on skis from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back over 89 days, the longest unsupported polar expedition ever under-taken. And they’re still friends!

As if that wasn’t extreme enough, Jonesy and his wife took off on an adventure of their own and walked 1,800km across the Australian Outback with their one-year-old daughter.

The challenges and endurance this man faced on his adventures and what he has achieved is nothing short of inspirational.

Over the past 18 years Jonesy has made a career of undertaking epic, record-setting expeditions around the world and shares these experiences on the stage and the screen.

A humble, charismatic and inspiring character, Jonesy is a prime example of how determination, detailed planning and foresight can enable the most ‘normal’ of us to undertake the most extraordinary feats.

When most of us are feeling challenged with restrictions of some degree or being in lockdown, hearing from Jonesy helped to put things into perspective and inspired us all.

Our heartfelt thank you goes to Jonesy for the generosity of his time and sharing his message on goal setting, resilience and motivation.

To Chambers Russell Lawyers, we sincerely thank you for your support so the entire Smarter Communities team could benefit from Jonesy’s story.

And to our great Smarter Communities leader, Alexander Lang, we thank you for your leadership, inspiration and encouragement to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

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