Setting goals for ultimate achievements


Setting goals for ultimate achievements

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King

Sometimes you just need to take a chance. Be brave enough to make a change if you’re not happy and have faith your decisions will lead you where you want to go.

And that’s exactly what Senior Community Manager, Vanja Knezevic, from Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) did.

Whilst on holiday in Byron Bay four years ago she replied to her friend’s Facebook message about a position available at VBCS on Reception. Not entirely satisfied in her current customer service employment, Vanja was determined VBCS would be the beginning of her new career.

The voice of VBCS

Performing reception duties was the perfect introduction to the Victorian strata industry. Being the voice of VBCS, the first point of contact for clients and suppliers, sent Vanja on a steep learning curve where she absorbed, retained, and ultimately thrived as part of a supportive team.

Not one to shy away from taking on more responsibilities, Vanja’s positive outlook, her desire to learn and ability to quickly adapt was not lost on her superiors.

Just four months after starting with VBCS, Vanja accepted a position as Community Manager.

Promoting from within

The benefits of working for a large company can be limitless, especially if you’re eager to learn and expand your skillset. VBCS offered Vanja the opportunity to grow in her role as Community Manager under the attentive leadership of her Regional Manager.

Working within a team environment was key for Vanja to encounter the diversity and complexity of strata management. It was within her team where she would gain experience, seek advice from others and learn the intricacies of managing owners corporations.

As a Community Manager, Vanja says you need to be adaptable. “And never be afraid to ask for help. Within VBCS there’s so much experience, so if you need help to understand a certain situation, or piece of legislation, then ask for help. I’m still learning.”

Setting and reaching goals

After years of improving and perfecting her management style to best benefit her clients, Vanja was content in her Community Manager role. Her years of customer service experience were put to good use daily, especially when dealing with negativity dished out by disgruntled owners.

Vanja was still learning, but admits she wanted to further challenge herself.

“I set myself a new goal. I wanted to work towards achieving a Senior Community Manager role.

“Something clicked inside. I’ve always been a hard worker. As soon as I was old enough to work, I did. At one point I was juggling three jobs. That’s how I was raised, to have a strong work ethic,” says Vanja.

So for the next year Vanja admits she put her head down and worked even harder to focus on achieving her new goal.

Sweet rewards for hard work

You know that sweet feeling when you achieve something that you’ve set your mind on? Vanja does.

She set her sights on a leadership role and in September she earned it. Vanja was promoted to Senior Community Manager, reporting to Melissa Cuzzupi, Regional Manager.

“Of all achievements, this is what I am most proud of. Being promoted to a senior manager. I know it will be challenging, in a good way, but I’m ready.

“In an industry that can be a little negative, the key is to not let it get you down. It’s your job, but it’s not your life. I’m a positive person by nature and I plan to use my positivity to motivate my team and keep spirits high.”

Vanja in good hands with a great team around her. She knows help is just a chat, phone call or email away. She also knows the power of having a positive mindset, staying focussed and never losing sight of what you truly desire is the foundation of reaching your goals.

Remember, you don’t need to wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal. That’s what matters.

If you would like to work for a strata community management company that recognises talent, offers an array of staff benefits with opportunities for growth, contact Nina Prodywus from People & Culture at Smarter Communities.

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