Lucrative side hustles

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Lucrative side hustles

Making money on the side is a great way to boost your bottom line. So, what are the ways you can make it work for you?

In today’s digital world there are more ways than ever to source additional income or launch a side business. Whether it be a bit of extra cash for a luxe purchase or a way to help increase savings, there’s bound to be something you can do to help boost your cashflow.

Become an Uber Driver

Want to boost your income behind the wheel? Uber might be for you. The Uber business model matches riders and drivers using an app, and it offers you complete flexibility to drive when it suits. One-third of Uber drivers across Australia are driving on the Uber app for less than 10 hours per week, combining driving with their main job and to supplement retirement incomes. Earnings vary depending on when ‘driver-partners’ choose to use the app, as at times of higher demand riders pay more which translate to higher earnings.

More than 3.8 million Aussies regularly choose to share rides with 63,000 driver-partners in Australia as an affordable and reliable way to get from A to B, an Uber spokesperson explained.

“Driver-partners can choose to use the app for hours that suit them and their families – for some that might be nine to five, but for others it can be during their morning commute, weekend evenings, or the early hours of the morning.”

Complete jobs with Airtasker

You can make some extra money on the side doing all kinds of jobs using Airtasker, which is a community marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks, find local services and hire flexible staff online and via an app.

Whether it be lawn mowing, learning to drive, making deliveries, cake-decorating, shopping, sewing or even constructing flat-packed Ikea furniture, the possibilities are endless. Help someone knock a task off their to-do list and make some pocket money if the price offering matches your expectations/skill-set.

Freelance your skills

Extend the skills of your day job into additional work as a freelancer, whether it be bookkeeping, editing, graphic design or tutoring. You can set yourself up with an Australian Business Number and start making money on the side. Check with your employer first to ensure you don’t cross any contractual boundaries but if you get the all clear, you might be able to work your way to your own pot of gold.

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