Supporting White Ribbon Day on Friday 19 November 2021


Supporting White Ribbon Day on Friday 19 November 2021

Domestic and family violence is reported as being the leading cause for homelessness for women and their children.

On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. It’s literally heart breaking and needs to end.

White Ribbon Day is an important, highly recognised day to stand up, speak out and say ‘no’ to gendered violence in Australia.

Each year White Ribbon Day is held on the last Friday before 25 November in Australia. Worldwide, 25 November is the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Men’s Violence against Women, the largest violence against women campaign.

Men’s violence against women continues to be a widespread issue in Australia. The pandemic made the situation worse, with lockdowns and social distancing contributing to a spike in violence. Tragically, the pandemic also reduced the ability of some victims to seek help.

Those who know Smarter Communities CEO, Alexander Lang, know that he is deeply affected by the alarming statistics of homelessness and violence against women in Australia.

“Everyone deserves to have a safe place to call home, regardless of their age, gender, culture or stature.

“I acknowledge there are many great causes out there, and everyone is deserving, but White Ribbon Day is very dear to my heart.

“I’ve grown up surrounded by female friends, relatives and mentors. Strong women. But they too can be just as vulnerable when it comes to physical, sexual or psychological violence.

“There’s no excuse for any kind of abuse, whether it be at home, work, school. In this modern world its time to eradicate such evils. It is time for everyone to be a leader, help those in need and say no to violence,” says Mr Lang.

Smarter Communities, a leading Australian strata management company, has adopted additional paid leave entitlements into its already above and beyond list of staff benefits to support domestic violence victims.

“It’s one thing to buy merchandise each year to show support, but it’s quite another to take it one step further to protect my team as best we can. We pride ourselves on offering attractive staff benefits, but when staff need time off when they need it most, they have the safeguard of knowing they’re covered to help them get back on their feet,” says Mr Lang.

Help is available for those in need, view helplines here, or phone 000 for Police or Ambulance.

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