Take me away…


Take me away…

Each state is blessed with numerous local options for residents looking to take a break and get away to explore somewhere new, or an old favourite, in their own backyards.

To help tempt you we’ve come up with our favourite open nature spaces to remind you of the vastness of life that exists beyond your four walls.

Undara Volcanic National Park, Queensland

An Aboriginal word meaning ‘long way’, Undara Park protects one of the longest lava tube cave systems in the world.

Carved out around 190,000 years ago when a large volcano erupted violently spewing molten lava over the surrounding landscape, this geological tunnel of global significance extends under a ribbon of remnant dry rainforest.

The lava flowed rapidly down a dry riverbed. The top, outer-layer cooled and formed a crust, while the molten lava below drained outwards, leaving behind a series of hollow tubes.

Within a 3.5 hour drive from Cairns, it is the perfect place to enjoy lava tubes, dormant volcanic craters and waterfalls while spotting rock wallabies, insectivorous bat colonies and owls.

Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia

Also known as The Sunken Garden, Umpherston Sinkhole was once a cave formed through dissolution of the limestone.

Located on the Jubilee Highway East in Mount Gambier, the sinkhole was created when the top of the chamber collapsed downwards many years ago but now the topsoil down on the floor forms the perfect environment for the sunken garden.

Originally beautified by James Umpherston around 1886, it is best to appreciate its vastness from the viewing platforms at the top of the sinkhole, before walking down into the sinkhole, along the terraces and behind the hanging vines.

A large undercover shelter with group seating and free barbecue is provided and there is even an onsite kiosk offering coffee and snacks.

Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo National Park, NSW

Located just an hour outside of Coffs Harbour, Crystal Shower Falls in the World Heritage listed Dorrigo National Park is an exercise in contradictions.

While the walk to the shower falls itself is one of the lowest maintenance waterfall walks you are likely to encounter, it is also one of the most breathtaking as it takes you behind the waterfall itself.

Lush rainforest towers above you on the walk to the falls while a suspension bridge leads to a short side track that takes you behind the waterfall to a rocky cavern.


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