How will you celebrate Father's Day?


How will you celebrate Father’s Day?

The first Sunday of September is the special day when we celebrate our dads. Well, for dads living in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea that is.

Father’s Day celebrated at different times of the year worldwide. And the customs and traditions of Father’s Day around the world differ greatly too.

Father’s Day celebrations here in Australia will no doubt be a little different yet again this year with restrictions in place, but we can still take the time to celebrate and remember the male influencers in our lives; grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers or anyone else who assumes the role of a father.

Smarter Communities CEO, Alexander Lang, has plans to play a game of tennis on Sunday morning with his daughter, Stella, followed by a lovely breakfast in the backyard at home.

“Stella has discovered cooking, so I’m hoping she cooks breakfast.

“Weather permitting may take the bikes out in the afternoon. Traditionally we enjoy exploring, catching a ferry and wandering around our beautiful city and harbourside. But this Father’s Day we won’t be able to do that. So a walk within our 5km radius will have to do,” says Alex.

Celebrating memories

For those dads who are no longer with us, but forever in our hearts, despite being in lockdown we have a special way of honouring them too.

Strata resident, Marica Bozic, won’t be able to visit her father’s resting place this year, but that won’t stop her family from paying their respects.

“This year unfortunately we can’t visit his grave site. Traditionally the boys and I take mum to visit him and leave flowers, but this year we’ve set candles out next to his photo on the table and he’ll be right there with us on Sunday,” says Marica.

Remote celebrations

For me this is the second Father’s Day I won’t be able to celebrate in person with my dad due to lockdown. I’ll be joining Marica’s tradition by placing a photo of my dad on the table so he’ll be with us in spirit.

Regardless of its origin, the Festivus of the Father is an opportunity to thank our fathers and pay tribute to them. But not just our fathers. These days it is not uncommon for Father’s Day cards or gifts to be given to male influencers in our lives such as grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, coaches or anyone else who assumes the role of a father.

However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, we hope you take some time out to honour and pay respects to your father, or father figures in your life, and celebrate with your loved ones.

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