Hopping into an indoor Easter

Easter craft

Hopping into an indoor Easter

Whatever our religious background, spiritual belief or ethnicity, the Easter period in Australia is traditionally a time of celebration.

And with just a little creative thought, there’s no reason why self-isolation should put a dampener on your family’s Easter commemorations.

Here are some easy ways to inject some fun into your Easter at home.

Easter craft

It’s unlikely they’ll need it but doing Easter craft with your children is a great way to get children excited about the arrival of the Easter bunny.

Just because the school Easter Hat parade was cancelled this year doesn’t mean your children should miss out on the sense of achievement they feel at producing a hat fuelled by their own imagination.

Get each member of the family to produce their own version and find out who is the true genius by walking a makeshift runway before deciding the winner with a show of hands.

An indoor scavenger hunt

There are few things that will bring more joy to a child than arranging a treasure hunt with a bounty of chocolate as the ultimate reward.

Try printing some clues for your scavenger hunt including hints such as “Easter is fun everyone knows, you’ll find the next clue where you keep your clothes” or “The next clue will take you far, look where mum sits to drive the car”.

Try to think of unusual places to hide the loot such as under pillows or behind desks. Just remember not to put the prize near anything that generates heat, such as a TV or kitchen appliance, as this may cause them to melt. And definitely not where pets could find the loot first. Chocolate is toxic for pets!

Aid your local community

Make every post a winner by getting your Easter eggs delivered straight to your door.

For extra brownie points remember to order your Easter eggs from small businesses who are doing it tough or charities such as Destiny Haven, a residential place of healing for women whose lives have been shattered by life-controlling illnesses.

It is the gift that keeps on giving so you may like to place another order soon after the Easter period is over as every cent counts.

Go virtual

Traditionally a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the Easter period is one of the most significant events on the Christian calendar.

If church is part of your family’s Easter tradition, there is no reason you have to forgo attending your Sunday morning service.

Though many physical churches have closed their doors to comply with social distancing, there are still virtual services being staged via livestream platforms like Facebook Live and on church websites.

To add an extra element of fun you could even attend wearing your pyjamas or getting dressed in your best clothes.

Movie magic

While Easter means different things to different people, there’s no greater way to reinforce the true spirit of Easter than by sitting down as a family unit to enjoy an Easter-themed movie.

Whatever platform you select – be it Netflix, Free to Air or Foxtel, there’s sure to be a bunch to choose from – whether it’s a fun film like Here comes Peter Cottontail or whether a more serious documentary series akin to Passion of the Christ or Ben Hur, it will prove a safe and enjoyable way to acknowledge the season.

You could even cook up some Easter-themed popcorn (normal popcorn mixed spliced with chocolate melts, marshmallows and M&Ms) to enjoy it with.

However you choose to spend the Easter long weekend, stay safe and continue to observe the social distancing and isolation restrictions. A hefty fine for not abiding by rules and risking your health and that of others should not be on your radar this Easter.

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