Great holiday breaks in our own state backyards

Road trip in our own backywards

Great holiday breaks in our own state backyards

With school holidays coming up, and restrictions still placed upon us, there is still light shining through the I’m-so-over-coronavirus tunnel.

Whilst we may not be able to go interstate, staying put and playing tourist in our own state via road trips can be just as exciting and relaxing as our interstate adventures. We just need to be more creative.

Let’s face it, we live in the lucky country. Every state and territory have fabulous features which are showcased and talked about all over the world.

From luscious rainforests and gorgeous walking tracks to explore, to beautiful beaches to laze upon, and some of the finest vineyards to enjoy local delicacies… road tripping with your favourite people and your favourite tunes, what more could we want?

Find your state or territory below for tips on holiday destinations and activities for short getaways:


New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory


South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory

However you choose to spend time away on a short break or longer holiday, be inspired to travel within your state. Discover fantastic places to go, activities to enjoy and make new memories right here in your own state backyard.

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