Encouraging diversity and inclusion starts from the top

Encouraging diversity and inclusion starts from the top

Encouraging diversity and inclusion starts from the top

Return on Investment, or ROI for short, is a term most of us would have heard in our business or personal life. You may have also heard about a return on equity or capital. It’s a performance measure used to assess the effectiveness of an investment or asset.

But what about return on equality? How does that relate to the expression, lead by example?

Out Leadership is the global LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) business network operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Its mission is to create return on equality, to provide global businesses with the tools for innovation and transformation. It’s the opportunity for Out Leaders and companies to connect with talent, transform organisations and compete on social purpose.

At the CEO and Board Leadership Dinner last night, hosted by Macquarie, Out Leadership members were privy to a powerful panel discussion regarding the positive business impacts of inclusion.

Smarter Communities CEO, Alex Lang, company leader and ambassador for full circle diversity and inclusion of all people, was impressed to learn of widespread business strategies already displaying positive impacts on business and culture.

Panelists Todd Sears, The Hon Michael Kirby, Diane Herz, and Tim Ehinger


“From a CEOs perspective it is politically-correct to state your Company is diverse in business as well as welcoming and inclusive of all people, regardless of nationality, gender or age. Yet it’s quite another to be able to prove you practice what you preach.

“Out Leadership members are firm believers that change begins at the top, and I agree.

“At Smarter Communities, we promote a culture of inclusiveness that addresses and supports the needs of our people, and value their unique contribution regardless of their roles within the business. This involves ongoing awareness raising and promoting equal employment opportunities.

Our People and Culture team actively educates hiring managers to eliminate any non-selection bias and are trained to identify and focus on the applicant’s skill set for the advertised position.

There’s an old expression that we teach what we tolerate. Whether it be at home or in the workplace, we need to take responsibility for our words and our actions and acknowledge inclusion is the new black.

The leadership team at Smarter Communities are fluent with inclusion and they lead by example.

“This is not just a business mentality, it’s our mentality both inside and out of the workplace. Diversity, inclusion and acceptance is part of our everyday lives and as business leaders I believe it is our job to encourage this with our teams to promote greater acceptance within our companies.

“The world will be a much kinder place when we accept we are all different but have one commonality between us… we’re human beings,” said Mr Lang.

If you are looking for an inclusive workplace that values you for your unique contributions, contact Rebecca Henwood, Senior Business Partner – People & Culture for the latest opportunities.


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