NSW taking severe building defects seriously

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NSW taking serious building defects seriously

An informative session from SCA (NSW) in conjunction with NSW Building Commissioner (OBC) David Chandler this afternoon with survey results revealing 39% of respondents reported serious defects in apartment buildings.

The main culprits being waterproofing and fire protection.

Commissioner David Chandler is serious about identifying serious defects, and the message to developers and builders is clear; let’s fix these now so owners can get back into their homes.

“Owners shouldn’t be timid in calling out their defects,” says David Chandler.

Strata Title Management State Manager, Emily Doherty, agrees and is proud to be involved with the OBC’s Construct NSW reform of the building and construction industry.

“Working with industry to create a sector which provides consumers the confidence to buy, live and invest in quality strata schemes is extremely rewarding.

“Identifying defects is the first step in having these rectified, so owners can enjoy the apartment lifestyle they chose. We often hear of horror stories, but there are good stories to be told too,” says Emily.

To learn more about defects research findings, visit SCA (NSW).

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