Are we back in fun mode?


Are we back in fun mode?

Is it just me or is there an increased buzz of excitement in the air lately?

Or maybe it is because I spent quality time with my immediate family on the weekend, the first time in over a year. Even those who live interstate and in the old, dreaded hotspot on the northern beaches, the red zone, were able to meet up.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had taken catching up with family for granted pre-covid. I had actually missed not seeing my siblings in person.

I’d also missed seeing my colleagues in person and not just online. Now we are back in the office three days a week it is great being able to feed off their creativity, and the energy around the office is infectious.

Speaking of missing some of my favourite things, you know what else I’ve missed? Kitchen talk. The old water-cooler gossip with colleagues at coffee break time. What I heard this week was priceless.

Hey Joey, how was your weekend. What did you get up to?

I went dancing. Yep, dancing. Not the stuck-on-the-bar-stool toe-tapping-style dancing. But actual dancing on the dance floor with friends as well as a bunch of strangers. I even got to break out some new moves I’d rehearsed in the dining room last year. Because I can. Dancing is back!

Are we back in fun mode? Is this the beginning of life post-covid where borders are open, restrictions have lifted, people can mingle once again in social settings, and more importantly, we can dance?

This could be the beginning of the new beginning, but let’s not spoil it. We need to continue with our sanitising, checking in at venues, respecting physical distancing and stay at home if feeling unwell to prevent the spread of germs.

Fun is back. Don’t take it for granted.

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