Looking to move new tenants into a Victorian apartment?


Looking to move new tenants into your Victorian apartment?

If so, you need to be aware of new legislation impacting landlords (now called rental providers).

As from 29 March 2021, the Victorian Government placed a raft of new disclosure obligations onto rental providers, requiring you to provide the following documents to incoming tenants (now called renters):

  •  Details of any embedded networks
  •  Pool compliance
  •  Details of any reports on asbestos, health and safety
  •  Planning or building permit lodged with the relevant authority
  •  Any orders, declarations, reports regarding defects or safety concerns
  •  Information on any current domestic building work disputes
  •  Owners Corporation rules

All of this takes time to collate, and we understand how time poor rental providers can be.

Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) Executive General Manager, Richard Eastwood, says the new offering from VBCS makes life so much easier for rental providers (landlords).

“Recent changes to the Victorian government legislation have increased the disclosure requirements of owners wishing to rent their properties.

“Our team designed a Rental Disclosure Statement (RDS) which meets the requirement of the legislation and removes the liability on owners.”

VBCS can provide this information for you in its new Rental Disclosure Statement (RDS) for a one-off tax-deductible fee of $77 including GST.

The process is easy. Just visit VBCS online and complete the request and we’ll do the rest. Your Rent Disclosure Statement will be emailed direct to your inbox within six business days upon completion of the form and payment has been received.

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