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Can I have a pet in strata?

Fair trading has taken a much friendlier view to pets in this new legislation and are now encouraging people and strata plans to allow pets in their buildings. They’ve done this by providing new model bylaws which make for a far more relaxed attitude to allowing pets in strata buildings.

If you do have a pet in a strata building, it’s always important that you approach your strata committee first to make sure that they have a pet-friendly policy, otherwise you run the risk of having your pet being removed from the building. Although the by-laws have been relaxed around pets, it is still a specific by-law that relates to your strata plan, so it’s very important that you seek permission before bringing a pet into any strata building. Note: This does not relate to guide dogs or other support animals who must be allowed in a strata should you provide the appropriate documentation.

Schemes will also be ‘actively encouraged’ to review their by-laws and seriously consider lifting the existing ban of pet ownership.

Strata complexes will still be able to set their own rules regarding pet ownership, under the new rules. If the model by-law is adopted, however, the scheme cannot ‘unreasonably refuse’ a request to keep a small pet. Each request and case will be dealt with on its own merits, and schemes will be able to create a list of conditions designed to manage pets within the complex. These could include cats being kept indoors, and all dog droppings in communal areas being picked up and disposed of hygienically.

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