When sharing is caring for others


When sharing is caring for others

By definition, sharing means to use, occupy, or enjoy something jointly with another or others.

In a broader sense, sharing could also be interpreted as giving our resources to those in need for the common benefit of everyone’s well-being.

Living in a strata community, this rings true when we consider the common property we share and the close living proximity to each other.

Sharing is about spreading joy amongst others. There are numerous TED Talks available the power of sharing with a similar message; sharing is quite literally when you become selfless and help others or share something with others.

It is claimed that sharing helps to make a person empathetic, and then starts to care about others unconditionally.

Sharing is an essential social skill to help build healthy, strong relationships. The practice of sharing helps us to understand when someone else is in need, without the need for them to tell us, so we can act on it.

When you share, it shows you care. That feeling is infectious, and your positive aura will attract others and filter to those around you.

It’s been said that sharing leads to happiness, and isn’t this the basis on which friendships are based?

Let’s be positive and neighbourly

Despite our differences – our age, gender, culture and our different points of view – as apartment dwellers we need to share. It’s our lifestyle choice. We need to share common space. We share common facilities.

The importance of harmoniously sharing our tangibles and space with others is vital to the success of the communities in which we live.

SUCCESS Magazine wrote about the power of sharing what you know. Jim Rohn asked the question… if a glass is full of water, can it hold any more?

The answer is yes. It’s a definitive yes! If you pour some water out. If you want to hold more then you’ve got to pour out some of what you have. Then you’ll have the capacity to receive more. That’s called sharing. Your capacity will increase the more you share.

How does this relate to community living? It’s about happiness. Your happiness and the happiness of your neighbours.

Remember that we chose to live in a strata community, and with that comes the need for us to be kind, patient, considerate and understanding of others in our community.

SUCCESS says when happiness is poured out, you’ll get more. When joy is poured out, you’ll get more.

We need to share so we can make and keep friends, to negotiate, cope with disappointment, learn how to compromise and understand fairness. It’s the foundation to the success of creating and maintaining a fully sustainable and happy community in which we live.

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