Tips for parents with remote learning


Tips for parents with remote learning

If you are a parent with school aged children at home, and by at home we mean learning from home temporarily, we understand. We have school aged children too.

But for most of us, we already survived this period last year. It wasn’t ideal, but we got through it. And we’ll get through it again.

Remember, we parents are not expected to be teaching our children while schools are temporarily closed. This is not home schooling. It is learning from home, and it is temporary.


Ensure your child/ren wake up early with enough time to prepare for the day. That includes eating a healthy breakfast and getting dressed – casually, not in uniform unless required – but just like they would if they were attending school. Tiaras and capes are optional.

Discuss their lessons/timetable for the day. Encourage them to plan their workload and discuss how they are going to achieve this.


Encourage your child/ren to follow their timetable or lesson plan each day.

Keep any required devices charged and updated, but phones should be on silent to avoid distractions whilst learning.

Take regular scheduled breaks just like being at school, including time for lunch.

Space permitting, set up a separate workspace for your child/ren to help them focus with minimal distractions. And so you aren’t too distracted either 😊

Remember, energy will not be burnt off like it would be in the playground, or commuting to and from school, so you should account for this if public health orders allow. Encourage physical activity, take the dog for a walk, get some fresh air.

When it’s time for bed, stick to your regular school bedtime routine, not holiday bedtime which is usually a little more relaxed.

Keeping to a routine could prove beneficial for the student, and for the parent.


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