Love your plants


Love your plants

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, how about giving your indoor and outdoor plants a little extra something-something this month to show them how much you care.

We’ve experienced extreme weather this summer, but we’re not the only ones affected by heat, wind and rain. Our plants can suffer from the conditions too. A little extra loving attention now, and loving all year round, can reward you with beautiful, healthy foliage and flowers.

If plants could talk, they’d be thanking you.

Check for bugs

Not the love bug kind, the nuisance kind. The ones that love plants, only in a destructive way. It’s the same with black spot and white powdery-looking mildew. These all need to be treated to help keep your plants healthy. Check out your local hardware store or nursery for a suitable product or advice how to remove these pests.

Provide nourishment

It’s long been said that the best way to anyone’s heart is through good food. We can apply the same theory to our plants. They need a certain amount of water to keep them hydrated and in top shape, and a little bit of food can go a long way too. The thing is, most plant food smells a little poo-like, so you may want to feed them out on your balcony 😉. Fertilisers are widely available and there many to choose from to suit your green babies.

Use protection

By adding a layer of mulch to your plants, you’re helping to keep the moisture in the soil after watering and keeping the soil cool during the warmer months. Mulch also helps to protect the soil in cooler months. It’s a great weed prevention method too.

Upsize if needed

Kudos to you if your plants are thriving, but just check they are not outgrowing their post. They may well need to be transferred to a larger pot to allow them the room they need to continue growing.

Out with the old, in with the new

It sounds a bit harsh but plants tend to respond better when we remove old flower heads and damaged or dead leaves. Not only will it help to keep your plant looking healthy and lush, but they’ll most likely reward you with new growth.

Keep it clean

To keep your plants looking their best give them a regular mini makeover by wiping them clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust build-up. It’s amazing how shiny the leaves can look with a gentle wiping.

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